Market opportunities in Print Analytics

Selectec and our friends at Intuitive gained valuable industry insight from our survey. 

Here are your responses - they give us an overview of the effects of the pandemic on Print Market opportunities for Print Management Analytics.

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Market opportunities for Print Management Analytics

How the last two years have affected resellers

Changes to print volume in 2020
40% saw print reduced by 3/4
32% saw print reduced by 1/2
19% saw print reduced by 1/4

Predicted print recovery
We think we will return to...
50% believe they will see more than 75% of pre-pandemic print volume
34% believe they will see less than 75% pre-pandemic print volume
16% believe they will see100% of pre-pandemic print volume

More than 90% see growth opportunities in Print Analytics

Why do you monitor print output?
90% to manage costs
57% to manage environmental impact
60% to hold users accountable

Where do you see the biggest opportunities for Print Analytics?
72% New business
83% Contract renewals
21% Standalone sales

70% see 1/4 of print-based documents moving to digital documents

How do you monitor print output?
62% of you use PaperCut's reporting feature
17% of you use a business analytics tool

Top five business solutions you believe will see growth!
Cloud computing
Remote working
Business analytics


Survey was conducted in September 2021 on a selection of Selectec's resellers; 113 resellers responded to the survey.