Supercharged digital workflows with Foldr and Square 9

In this webinar, we'll be covering how to digitise your current paper-based processes while integrating Square 9 GlobalForms into the mix. You'll see how to utilise Foldr as a Print Output location and how to add external data sources, with an added bonus of building out this powerhouse of remote working with some serious digital transformation.


We'll cover:

  • Foldr as a Print Output location
  • Combining the Foldr engine with external data sources
  • Foldr and forms


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Friday, 22nd May @ 10.30 am



Foldr - the remote-working powerhouse

We'll show you all this unassuming software has to offer

Foldr is many things. It brings together your cloud and on-premise storage putting them into one user-friendly interface (accessible from anywhere - even your home office!) as well as being a fantastic document management tool for those who have un-complex business needs. 

We'll cover:

  • Overview of Foldr with an introduction to key features
  • Understanding this fantastic solution and its disruptive price point
  • Foldr as an entry-level Document Management solution
  • Current marketplace and opportunities


On-demand coming soon...



Intuitive BI - data made clear with dashboards for PaperCut

Learn how Intuitive BI transforms PaperCut data

Intuitive is the latest addition to our product family, offering you a valuable Business Intelligence product that complements PaperCut.

We'll cover:

  • The new partnership between Intuitive and Selectec
  • What is an interactive dashboard and what can it do for you
  • Demonstration of this powerful dashboard solution



On-demand coming soon...



Process Solutions 101: Document Management basics for sales

The current pandemic has uncovered a host of issues within the workplace environment. To continue to grow, resellers need to take on board these changes and adapt to them. In this webinar, we'll show you how you can utilise Document Management to help you achieve continued growth.

We're covering:

  • A look at how the print marketplace is changing
  • Business growth paths through Document Management solutions
  • Pain points resulting from the current pandemic
  • How to address pain points highlighted by the pandemic
  • User interaction, and how process solutions can transform business processes


On-demand coming soon...



New Elatec technology and quick deployment tools

Quickly deploy the latest products from Elatec

Take a look at Elatec's latest card reader technology to help secure prints and manage users' costs, as well as the fantastic AppBlaster, which enables fast setup and deployment of software.
We'll cover:
  • Introduction to RFID
  • ELATEC products and services
  • Technology trends for authentication
  • Methods of reprogramming card readers for bespoke output

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Level up Foldr - make it yours and add some Capture

A cup of Capture and a sprinkle of Foldr customisation, the recipe for a perfect webinar?

We'll show you how you can create your own workflows using the tools within Foldr, including:

  • Adding Global Capture to a digital workflow
  • Customising Foldr to suit an organisation - with logos, images and colours
  • Embedding a Foldr Share in a web page

On-demand coming soon...



Portal and resource overview

We'll show you how to make the most out of PaperCut's partner portal

Sian will show you how to make the most of PaperCut's partner portal, and answer any questions that you might have around using it.

We're running two dates, so join the one that suits you best!

We'll cover:

  • How to use the PaperCut partner portal
  • Where to find resources
  • Creating quotes
  • Streamlining order processing
  • And much, much more!


On-demand coming soon...