Getting started with Document Management Software

Streamline your everyday processes!

In this webinar, we will show you how Square 9 GlobalSearch provides an entry into Document Management. Learn how your clients can quickly implement the solution and benefit instantly from its time and cost-saving features!  

Learn about how your clients can benefit from:

  • Instant Access
  • Search and retrieve
  • Enhance security
  • Improve collabortaion
  • Reduce storage
  • Disaster recovery


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Automate any file - could it get any more clever?

MaSH, the super clever alter ego of Foldr

In this webinar, we'll be looking at a new product that helps you to expand the reach of your existing customers. MaSH is a script-driven tool that enables automation for any process that can be completed programmatically. MaSH can automate any task on any file to the point that all it requires a user to do is press a button. Pretty neat, huh!

MaSH for Foldr allows users to:

  • Automate any process based on any content, metadata or input
  • Interact with other data sources such as Databases, APIs or other processes
  • Automatically alter, create or modify image files

Join us to see how your customers could benefit from MaSH!


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Webinar: PaperCut MF embedded connector for Square 9

Utilise PaperCut MF to add scanned documents directly to Square 9's DMS. 

Selectec has developed an easy to set up PaperCut MF embedded scanning connector that enables your customers to scan documents, include metadata and add the files straight from PaperCut into Square 9's award-winning DMS via the PaperCutMF embedded app on an MFD.

In this webinar we'll show you:

  • What this nifty new connector is and how it works
  • How it opens up new conversations with your customers
  • Where it fits into the current marketplace
  • How to build out integrations with PaperCut to expand opportunities and create bespoke installs
  • Q&A

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Custom Solutions "off the peg"!

Expanding customer workflows with Selectec nodes

This webinar builds on the powerful suite of Workflow and Automation software from Square 9 Softworks with Selectec's custom nodes; enable even entry-level tools to deliver significant value through integrations to PaperCut, cloud services, data processing, and other value adds while delivering enhanced margin opportunities.


Learn how expanding Square 9 workflows will: 

  • Add value and margin to workflow design and implementation
  • Make PaperCut and print relevant in workflow design
  • Build a future prospect list by building on customer installations


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Webinar: Captur - Fresh ways to view document management!

Captur is a new, cost-effective, feature-rich document capture tool that gives you the functionality of a DMS at a fraction of the price! We'll give you a demo of this innovative new product, and show you why we think this is an exciting addition to your portfolio.

The webinar will show you:

  • Changes that are taking place in the market
  • How Captur addresses the issues of larger-scale Document Management Solutions
  • Captur in action
  • How Captur changes the way your customers store and consider documents in 'usual' storage locations
  • How to bring additional value to subscription services that include user/business level storage
  • Document Capture made more mobile
  • How to Automate the identification of documents and files without having to move them from any repository

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Why Print Management Analytics is Important Right Now!

Watch the webinar where we're joined by the CEO of Intuitive, Roger Stocker, who gives us invaluable insight into what's happening to the print market and how Print Analytics can help!


In this webinar we'll show you:

  • What's Happening in the Print Market – Intuitive's key findings 
  • Four reasons why you should be selling Print Analytics 
  • PaperCut reporting vs Intuitive comparison demo
  • Real-world scenarios 
  • Sales tips
  • Advanced Reseller Programme 


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